Eugene Commonly Used Guitar Wood

Our company has been committed to the guitar production and research and development, not only in the process of excellence, in the selection and use of wood is even more serious.

In guitar selection and matching, our guitar panels use the most classic two kinds of spruce and red pine as the main material, spruce Cicatus spruce and European two kinds of spruce. In addition to what kind of wood, and what are the characteristics of wood? Today for everyone to talk about several commonly used guitar guitar.

Cedar Spruce Cedar Sound is very loud and ideal for sound, ideal for any stringed instrument size or shape. Have a straight texture, can resist huge stretching force. The Eugene 68 uses the Sitka because of its clear sound, with a wider range of dynamic timbres after opening, adapting to most genres, especially the open tempo.

European spruce features are closer to the English spruce - its overtones are unusually strong, but the latter is more powerful than Engelmann's see-through panel, and has a dynamic range that is more dynamic than Ingerman To be broad. The Eucerne is the perfect acoustic panel if you are in a quiet environment where you can savor its resonance, the reverberation, and, if slightly more powerful, its ability to withstand some explosive force. Eugene1852 series panel is the use of European spruce.

Acacia abounds in Hawaii, hard texture, relatively large density of wood to gorgeous wood features, the sound is not sweet, sharp, high-frequency clear, solid and powerful IF, the sound is soft and balanced, between the level of rosewood and maple between.

Santos rosewood produced in South America, also known as the South American sandalwood, banned in Brazil after the export of rosewood, Santos rosewood commonly used instead of rosewood, showing the precious Santos. The focus is still on Santos's voice, Santos's vast atmosphere of voice, but also has a richer overtone, the voice reflects the sensitivity level prominence. Have to say that Rosewood superior choice.

Coco-Pineapple is grown in the Central American region, the color of purple, yellow, orange and red meet, hard wood, clear and tidy texture, relatively large oily. Cacao pineapples are expensive, featuring crisp mids and mild high frequencies, the same grade as rosewood.

Most people know that wood determines the quality of a guitar. We are always looking for more suitable woods for a variety of styles of guitar.

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