TUT700SR Series Ukulele Guitar


SR Series Guitars are the main form masters mainly made of mahogany and Acacia wood. Its appearance has to be said to be welfare, with a nearly single-unit configuration and beyond single-face timbre, but the price is very much The real. Designed with Eugene's original, classical headstock, this is a simple but rich connoisseur of trim with a "worth" fingering string that makes it very energetic. Its earthy appearance and energy-rich tone are the best interpretations of it, so this series can be our number one choice for the pursuit of timbre and price.

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Style: 26 Inch Standard T Classic Head Knob: Golden Classical Dedicated
Character: 18 Products Sound Hole Circle: Mahogany Solid Wood
Panel: Acacia Veneer Edging: None
Siding: Acacia Wood Pillow Up And Down: Compensation Bovine Bone
Back: Acacia Veneer Strings: Worth CE
Neck: Mahogany Pickup: None
Fingerboard: Rosewood Painting: Matte
Next Code: Rosewood

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