TUC680ME Series Ukulele Guitar


Every model in the Collection Series Guitars has a reason you deserve. 680M model, some people say that when you first saw it, you feel you need to have one. Many people like it for the reason that the head of the coquettish genre and clear lines, complex and layered trim, combined with high gloss transparent lacquer to bring a sense of the bottom of the clear sense of desire.

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Style: 23-Inch Standard C-Type Classic Head
Character: 18 Products
Panel: Sitka Card Spruce Veneer
Side Panels: Indonesia Rosewood
Back: Indonesian Rosewood
Neck: Okoume
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Next Code: Rosewood
Knob: Golden Classical Dedicated
Sound Hole Circle: Green Shell
Hemming: Tiger Pattern Maple Wood
Pillow Up And Down: Compensation Bovine Bone
Strings: Worth BE
Pickup: Belcat-500T
Painting: Light

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