TUC200R Series Ukulele Guitar


R series guitar is born with gold in the mouth, every design has extraordinary imagination, every piece of timber is to break your routine, "luxury" is its synonym for. Eugene's all-in-one series uses the traditional, high-end guitar manufacturing process, with every single piece of wood being the finest selected wood. Expensive ebony to create the fingerboard and the next code, three spell mahogany to create the deformation of the entire neck, guitar head, solid wood chip, solid wood trim, ebony pillow, white shell logo, plated real gold knob, Equipped with Japanese "worth" refers to the Clear string playing series, electric box model Fishman pickup, all of these expensive materials are its basic configuration.

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Style: 23 Inch Standard C Type
Character: 18 Products
Panel: African Mahogany Veneer
Siding: African Mahogany Veneer
Back: African Mahogany Veneer
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Next: Ebony
Knob: Golden Turbo Open
Sound Hole Circle: Green Shell
Hemming: Rosewood Solid Wood
Pillow Up And Down: Ebony
Strings: Worth CE
Pickup: None
Painting: Matte

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