J1000F Series Guitar


The Eugene 1000 series incorporates imported AA grade shadow Acacia wood as the guitar panel and back side panel material, a full-shadow Acacia guitar.

Shadowed Acacia has its own unique and beautiful texture, stripes clear, shades and white, elegant color, texture and color of wood to bring the visual sensory, have to say, the shadow of Acacia is a very high value Wood, as if it is born with affinity, arresting people, warmth.


Good art

Shadow Acacia wood sound sweet but not sharp, high-frequency clear, solid and strong IF, between rosewood and maple, it is suitable for light bombs. Among them, the MINI section is to make this guitar highlight to the extreme, nice sound, high color value, called "good art", the most appropriate.

The ultimate control of the details, creating a real good guitar

We know that the tone of a guitar, including its appearance, is paramount to the panel and the wood used on the back panel, but it's not just here that you really decide how good a guitar is.

Eugene 1000 series, at the beginning of the design concept, the details of the design and control, ongoing changes and thinking, fingerboard white abalone shells inlaid with maple leaf pattern, and the performance of this guitar match the temperament.

The head of the same white abalone shell is also embedded in the maple leaf pattern, but the head of the LOGO is the use of white butterfly inlaid, and then to the shadow of Acacia as the head of the patch, abalone shellfish flowers and shadow maple manual Inlaid, every detail not be noticed, but finally bring together the elegant noble guitar, without losing the gentle and elegant temperament.

Falling maple leaves, who's memories

A good song, always intoxicated, never bored, a beautiful past, always inadvertently evoke your thoughts, can not be self, now we need may be just a Eugene guitar of their own, listen, tell, or play lightly.

Eugene 1000, perhaps you have long been moved.

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