E52F-BC Electric Guitar


E52F-BC is a hollow electric guitar made from special wood. Fishman Powerbridge let the pickup assembly into a multi-purpose type universal performance instrument.

E52F-BC uses a transparent coating, high-quality mahogany body, collocation 4A Canada tiger Maple veneer, the neck is featured by the mahogany, rosewood fingerboard with India. E52F-BC has good resonance and first-rate manual details, which is worth a lifetime value model.

Body: Mahogany Electric Guitar Overlay: Canadian Tabby Maple
Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Bridge: Fishman Style Fingerboard Trim: None
Body Trim: Tabby Maple Product Note: Green Trump
Pillow: Bone Handle: Bonded
Chord: Farida Chock chrome Strings: D'Addario
Pickup: Farida Double - Double Alnico Protector: None
Gear: 3rd Gear Knob: Volume Knob * 1 Tone Knob * 2
Accessories: Chrome-colored Scale Line: 24
Chord: 635mm Painting: BC / Black Cherry

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