E32F-HO Electric Guitar


E32F-HO's body is made from selected African mahogany solid wood, its body surface is 4A grade Canadian tiger spot maple, transparent transparent yellow coating, tiger spot wood grain is clearly visible.

Canada Maple neck: collocation quality India rosewood fingerboard, excellent detail form smart and steady guitar first impressions. The sound of the E32F-HO is clean, stable and penetrating. Open aluminum nickel cobalt magnetic pickup special strong, sound output power, low noise, is often the big stage outdoor performances were musicians for Piano style.

Body: African Mahogany Electric Guitar Overlay: Canadian Tabby Maple
Neck: American Maple Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Bridge: Wilkinson Single Shake System Fingerboard Trim: None
Body Trim: Tabby Maple Product Note: Genuine
Pillow: Bone Handle: Bonded
Chord: Farida Chock chrome Strings: D'Addario
Pickup: Farida Double - Double Alnico Protector: None
Gear: 3rd Gear Knob: Volume Knob * 1 Tone Knob * 1
Accessories: Chrome-colored Scale Line: 24
Chord: 635mm Painting: HO / Caramel

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