E32-NA Electric Guitar


E32-NA electric guitar is given a very high evaluation! The semi hollow design of the F hole, in addition to the weight of the weight, can produce a warm and thick hollow guitar tone.

E32-NA uses advanced swamp xylophone, and maple fingerboard, collocation of Faridah lapping aluminum nickel cobalt pickups, bright sound crisp and powerful, showing you the most classic rock sounds.

Body: Cen Wood Electric Guitar Overlay: None
Neck: American Maple Fingerboard: American Maple
Bridge: Fixed Fingerboard Trim: None
Body Trims: None Product Note: Black ABS
Pillow: ABS Handle: Locked
Chord: Kluson Vintage Chrome Strings: D'Addario
Pickup: Mono-Alnico Protector: Pearl White
Gear: 3rd Gear Knob: Volume Knob * 1 Tone Knob * 1
Accessories: Chrome-colored Scale Lines: 22
Chord: 648mm Painting: NA / Natural Light

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