D68C Series Guitar


Spruce rose wood is excellent musicians all must have a guitar, and Eugene brand put it to the extreme.

Spruce rose is widely used in many music hands of a classic configuration, because it can easily adapt to a variety of performance needs. So this classic configuration has become the best choice for consumers.

Eugene brand series 68 rose wood panels use spruce is North West Attica spruce, it has a clear tone, timbre and dynamic performance of wide area, unlike Engelmann spruce with soft texture, Xitika hardness and density is larger, so after Xitika open sound, there will be a more direct and strong voice feedback full power. The sound of rosewood, full, rich bass, stereo sound level, in the fast-paced style, essential shock of the bass! A combination of Xitika spruce and rose wood, very suitable for resonance complement each other well, strong sense of rhythm of the music playing.


Eugene brand series guitar neck imported German hand neck five spell process, to ensure the stability of the neck, absolutely not only that, D68 as a light board, the neck part of the paint is used by the middle of 5 closed matte to two light over the practice, the purpose of doing so is the vast extent of guarantee good touch left hand playing part of the neck. We know that the varnish is thick, and play, hands will cause slight perspiration grip resistance, and Matt neck to solve this problem.

The light body is enough to let you focus on the stage, and do not worry about the neck due to adverse touch to your performance increase the tension, the best of both worlds.

Rose wood veneer excellent resonance and stability is the guitar inner pursue, in order to ensure the stability of better, Eugene brand guitar was first introduced in Australia trussrod technology, will adjust the position in the internal position away from the guitar, sound holes above the panel beam, adopting special wrench to adjust, the effective protection of the ground handle position to the position of the panel sound volume structure integrity and stability.

And in the guitar head 14 degrees out, increase and draw lessons from the American guitar guitar V reinforcement design, after repeated tests and experiments, and then with the CNC CNC precision machining method, the great extent to ensure the strength of the guitar.

Set in a manual process many black technology, only in order to spruce rosewood can become the classical musicians can have the classic.

Body Style: Dreadnought/Dreadnought With Cutaway Top: AA level of Solid North America Stika Spruce
Back/Sides: AA level of Rosewood Neck: African Mahogany And Rosewood With The Neck Five Splicing Of German Technology
Regulating Rod: 420mm Bidirectional Regulation Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm(1F-10F)
Fretboard: Rosewood/43*55mm Fretboard Inlay: Ф4mm Shell Dots
Bridge: Rosewood Binding: Rosewood/ Radian R=3.0 mm
Soundhole Rosette: Shell & Cocobolo Handcraft Inlay Finish: Glossy
Head LOGO: Shell Inlay Nut&Saddle: Bovine Bone
Strings: American D’Addario EXP16 .012-.053 Scale Length: 648mm±2mm
Tuning Machines: Eugene brand gold tuning machines

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